What we offer

We empower business leaders, teams, schools and individuals to innovate and make a positive impact in the world. We do this through a collection of activities founded in human-centred design, LEGO Serious Play, and mindfulness.

We also help business to align teams, solve business problems and build releveant digital products based on customer feedback.

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When we learn to connect with others from a place of empathy and compassion, we create the opportunity for performance and creativity to thrive.


We help companies to improve the customer centricity of their products and services through Design Thinking methodology to reach business goals and objectives. By teaching and guiding teams through the process of generating empathy-based solutions, we enable organizations to bring value and impact to customers, on an ongoing basis.


With a client-centred focus, and the end user always in mind, we facilitate Design Thinking and Design Sprints to get team alignment, answer critical business questions, and reduce risks when bringing a new product, service or feature to market. We also leverage your business goals and previous data to create compelling design experiences that meet your customer needs.


By integrating mindfulness and play, we encourage individuals to embrace new learning methods in the workplace. Team members will be able to bring focused-attention, communicate their ideas more effectively, boost divergent thinking and thereby connect deeper to their teams, their audiences, and themselves, both online and in person.

Training & Education

We offer on-line and off-line training and educational programs to help business leaders, teams or students gain the confidence and skills to apply design and mindfulness methods in the workplace and projects you are working on. By working with you, we will create unique programs for your specific needs.

What clients say

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When Design and Mindfulness come together, they make magic. Let us share these benefits with you, your teams, and with your ideas, reach your clients!