Design Thinking

Design thinking is a structured creative process, which solves complex business problems and generates desired, high value solutions that meet end client needs. Empowered, diverse teams, work through several phases that help them better understand their customers, develop empathy, and put themselves in a user’s shoes, to generate ideas that resolve unforeseen or misunderstood barriers individuals face when interacting with a product or service. The objective of Design Thinking is to challenge the status quo, create quickly testable prototypes, and integrate the client in all phases from problem identification to implementation of embraced & adopted solutions.

There are various models of Design Thinking, such as ‘Inspiration - Ideation- Implementation’, or ‘Empathize - Define - Ideate - Prototype - Test’, but this can be customized in duration and order to produce breakthrough results. As a non-linear method of thinking, it allows businesses to have complete control over the creative process, while adding intent, speed and scalability solution ideas generated in this process. The main objective is to continue learning and iterating through the design process, so that feedback obtained can be used to improve potential solutions on an ongoing basis, and individuals are comfortable sharing any and all ideas in a learning-oriented, collaborative setting.

Design Sprints

Design Sprints are just one of the ways that Design Thinking can be utilized in an organization. This start-to-finish approach aims to solve a specific business problem in a short period of time, by dedicating between 3-5 days for teams to move through all phases and key steps of Design Thinking, in a facilitated method, and produce a ready-to-test prototype with a scalable launch plan at the sprint end.

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Methods of Delivery

  • ● Lectures, Seminars & Facilitated Discussions.
  • ● Hands-On Workshops & Expert-Led Sessions for Various Design Thinking Phases.
  • ● Rapid Solution, Problem Specific Design Sprints.

This is for you if...

  1. 01
    You are struggling to identify true needs of clients, and which products or services would best satisfy their expectations.

  2. 02
    You have received growing feedback on friction points and user experience issues, but are unsure how to resolve them.

  3. 03
    You have tried combatting issue symptoms with solutions that worked in the past, with dwindling success, and worry there may be a new or different root cause.

  4. 04
    You find ideas being generated and launched by your teams often fall short of client expectations, but no radical, out-of-the-box ideas are being introduced.

Results you can expect

  • A practical, scalable business solutions to a tangible, specific problem.
  • A better understanding of the end user, their goals, wants and needs.
  • A more cohesive, creative, open and fearless team, that is comfortable with continually learning, rather than being bogged down by getting it right the first time.
  • A new approach and method of thinking that creates high value resolutions to user issues in a quick, flexible, and meaningful way.
  • A new stream of revolutionary ideas that will boost customer satisfaction and improve user experience.
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