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Elisabet Camprubi is a UX Design Consultant, Mindfulness Coach and Trainer. She is Designfulness’ head facilitator with a decade of experience in product design and research in business environments ranging from start-ups to multinational enterprises. Designfulness was born out of her creativity in design and deep love for yoga, combined with encouraging feedback from many unique training programs she has facilitated.


E Elisabet holds a Master's Degree in Design and Communication and a Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Engineering in Industrial Design from ELISAVA (Barcelona, Spain). Known for using Design Thinking methodology to implement experiences that enhance usability, increase adoption and drive brand loyalty, she also specializes in conducting co-creation workshops and team building activities to solve complex problems in a collaborative manner.


Elisabet helps individuals and teams leverage mindfulness to connect more deeply within themselves, their teams, and their audiences. She supports students within schools and classrooms, introducing new ways to approach learning with inner peace.

Since 2017, Elisabet has been a yoga instructor and creator of Thruyoga, a community that aims to bring newcomers in Canada together by practicing yoga, kindness and open conversation. Yoga has inspired her to live each moment more mindfully, which is how she enjoys teaching her classes - by focusing on the breath in every asana. She is always looking to help others to live well and stay grounded with purpose and empowerment.

Speaker and Facilitator

Elisabet has spoken at large scale events of different audiences to share her knowledge and passion, covering topics such as Mindfulness, Emotional Intelligence, Human Centred Design, Biases and Intercultural Dynamics at the workplace.
The workshops and talks that she performs bring a more creative, motivated, and driven workforce that is resilient in the face of difficulties and roadblocks. At the same time, communication & vulnerability increases, with discussions on various workplace equity, health, and overall wellness coming to the forefront.

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