Lego Serious Play (LSP) is a faciliated hands on workshop where participants of all backgrounds, personalities, and roles in an organization come together to form new friendships, generate new ideas and express themselves in unique ways. This is made possible by applyting kinesthetic, visual and auditory skills, to answer facilitator led questions by building Lego models, and utilizing group brainstorming, mind-body connections, and attaching meaning to objects or symbols. As each person or team explains their finished product, LSP serves to equalize the voice of all team members, enable others to ask questions and gain clarity, and for all involved to take calculated, creative risks, overcoming preconceived notions and internal mental barriers to innovation.

Methods of Delivery

  • ● Lectures, Seminars & Faciliated Discussions.
  • ● Hands-On Workshops & Expert-Led Practical Sessions.

This is for you if...

  1. 01
    Innovation meetings are dominated by a few loud voices and the same ideas are discussed, on an ongoing basis.

  2. 02
    There is a fear of failure and low desire to suggest solutions that have note been tested or proven in some way before.

  3. 03
    Asking questions of others is uncommon, and individuals have a hard time expressing what they are struggling with or ideas they have.

  4. 04
    Trust and open communication are low, with teams wary of taking new risks or collaborating with other groups.

Results you can expect

  • Creative business solutions and new ideas from cross functional groups.
  • Teams willing to challenge themselves and the status quo to create new value.
  • Increased engagement in innovation & brainstorming meetings.
  • Higher diversity in voices and idea contribution.
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