Mindfulness is teh practice of being present in a place, moment or situation with focus, clarity of thought, and intentional purpose. With our busy lives and countless priorities, it is so easy to get overwhelmed, stressed, and feel powerless in situations, and especially at work. This is where solutions such as meditation, chair yoga, breathing exercises and other relaxation techniques help reground individuals, reduce stress, and refocus goals on those of highest impact or importance.
An often overlooked but essential element to overall well being, mindfulness is linked to increased productivity, better mental health and higher quality work, both within teams and individually, firm wide.

Methods of Delivery

There are various elements of mindfulness and methods of practice which can be done as a stand-alone or included in a multi-element session. These include...
  • ● Meditation
  • ● Chair Yoga
  • ● Breathing Exercises
  • ● Facilitated Discussions on Topics Including: Diversity, Equality, Mental Health
  • ● Educational Lectures, Lessons & Seminars of Topics Including: Stress Reduction Methods, Work-Life Balance, Physical Activity Integration
  • ● Personal Story Sharing & Vulnerability Encouragement
  • ● Trust Building Exercises
  • ● Certified Instructor Led Yoga Sessions*

* If you are interested to bring yoga into a classroom, corporate environment or experiences in nature, please visit Thruyoga for more information.

This is for you if...

  1. 01
    Team morale, motivation, trust and/or productivity has been declining.

  2. 02
    Physical and mental health issues emerge, especially due to workplace uncertainty.

  3. 03
    Higher levels of stress, interpersonal conflicts and team overwhelmedness are being observed.

  4. 04
    Not all team members feel equally welcome or appreciated on a daily basis.

Results you can expect

  • Teams and individuals that are betetr able to anticipate, manage and overcome stressful situations, challenges and conflicts.
  • Communication & vulnerability increases, with discussions on various workplace equity, health, and overall wellness coming to the forefront.
  • A more creativty, motivated and driven workforce, that is resilient in the face of difficulties and roadblocks.
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